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Yesss! Hufflepuff rules!

Sorry, but it's my house and we badgers get no respect! I always thought John was an ace Hufflepuff. Hard-working, loyal, compassionate, willing to get his hands dirty, unasuming, modest. And if anyone ever says Hufflepuffs aren't brave, I just point them to the OTHER Hogwarts student who successfully reached the end of the Tri-Wizard Tournament. The one the goblet ACTUALLY chose.

Why yes, I am a little bitter. Why do you ask?


We bitter Badgers have to stick together :D I've always thought he'd be a Hufflepuff, and while Gryffindor also suits him, I absolutely love him in yellow.

Thanks for reading!! <3

This is interesting--and good choice with John's House! Frankly, I'd always thought Gryffindor didn't suit John very much.

Oh, good, I was really worried I'd have to try really hard to justify it! Thanks a lot~

This has promise. I'd look forward to seeing another chapter.

Thank you very much, I hope I don't disappoint in the future!

Very promising. I kinda like the idea of John and Sherlock both 'not fitting in' to family's expectations.

Thanks much for reading! I have a feeling Sherlock would have wanted any way out of sharing a house with Mycroft :D

Oh, poor Sherlock! I really want to cuddle him, even though he'd bite my head off just for trying! :D

I'm really enjoying this so far! You've done a great job with the descriptions; we've never seen inside Hufflepuff's common room in canon, but you've brought it to life beautifully. And John's reactions -- they were really well done, from disappointment to acceptance to reluctant happiness.

I look forward to reading more in this verse! I hope John starts warming up to Sherlock soon, poor baby!

thank you thank you thank you!!

I did a bit of reading up to see what had been said about the Hufflepuff common room, and JK said a few things in an interview, but there's really nothing at all. So I ran with what I had! I think it would be a pretty rad place to be, though.

I promise I'll have more up soon! Thanks again~~

Looking forward to seeing where you take this. It looks promising- and I have no problem with your choice of house for John.:)

Thanks much, I'll type very quickly! :3

As a Hufflepuff, I love that we got John!! House Pride aside, this is an AWESOME first chapter. Ordinarily I don't read Wip's (I wait until they're finished) but oh, I read the first line and couldn't pull my eyes away until the last. I'm so looking forward to the rest of this fic! :D :D :D

Huzzah, another Hufflepuff!! I'll admit there was a slight bit of favoritism on my part when it came to sorting John, but he also fits it I think.

I'll try to get these out quickly for you! Thank you so much for your lovely words <3!

OooOooOooooooh! *camps out* Liking this!

Eeeee~ I'm liking your comment--and icon! I appropriately displays my emotions!

Aw, Sherlock needs some love! And I can see John as a Hufflepuff, but not as much as I see Sherlock as a Slytherin. I can't wait for the rest of the story!

Don't worry, we'll soon fix him up~
I'm glad I'm not getting any superhate! over sorting, there's usually a big hullabaloo and at worst a Sorting War D: Thanks for understanding, and I hope I don't disappoint in the future!

As a former Hufflepuff (the Sorting Hat keeps changing its mind), I clear my throat and say


Really, John is just not excitable enough to be in Gryffindor. He gives everything that he has, and he's going to show them all that Hufflepuffs can be heroes! You go show them! *claps and cheers*
*ahem* Do carry on. I look forward to the rest of this. xD


Your comment makes me so happy and excited I don't know what to do with myself :3 THANK YOU THANK YOU!


I personally identify as a Ravenclaw, but I heartily approve of Hufflepuff!John and Slytherin!Sherlock.

YAAY!! Most of my friends are Ravenclaws, so we'll get along just fine~ I am so so glad folks are so accepting of my Badger!John, I thought I was going to have to convince everyone with sweets or something. THANKS AGAIN!!!

I got here by the rec of someone on my flist and I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this story so far - I like the quiet and unrushed tone of voice in this overall and your characterisation of Sherlock is so very dead on. Thanks for sharing this!

Oh dang! I didn't know I was garnering recommendations! Say thank you to them from me!!

And thank YOU so much for being AWESOME! Really, my heart soars :3

I'm really glad you put John in Hufflepuff and Sherlock in Slytherin. I'd always thought that John (while most definately brave) was a little more suited to Hufflepuff and that people only put him in Gryffindor because it was "the best house". Sherlock I also thought had a lot more Slytherin in him that Ravenclaw. Great story. I avoided it so far so that I could read it when it was almost done :) yay, loads more to read now.

Thanks much! As for the sorting choices, John has always, ALWAYS, been a Badger in my eyes. It might help that I'm a Hufflepuff myself and have enormous house pride, but he's so incredibly loyal that I can't see him as anything else.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy!!

They're all bunched up in the middle so that they can afford a wide space at the end, where a solitary, dark-curled figure huddles alone over his food.

That is just so TRAGIC. I'm so glad that John is around, he can see past the things that make Sherlock an outsider.

This is my second time reading the whole series through (I think I've read 4 & 5 a couple more times than that) and it's lovely.

That bit was hard to write, POOR SHERLOCK. But it gets better, so I don't feel so bad.

Man, I'm glad this has such good re-read value, you're the third or fourth person who's told me that :3

poor John
but Sherlock can be cruel, and dont notice at all
great fic

this is amazing! I have never read a Harry Potter/ Sherlock crossover before, but this is incredible!

This is really top notch stuff.

PS Little typo in "John Waston," Sherlock interrupts


ah, i just finished reading this entire fic and i'm so so glad i did!! a really excellent crossover, brilliantly executed and written. definitely made me smile on more than one occasion!! thank you so much for writing this (ノ´ー`)ノ

Yeah, I have to relate a little with John's initial reaction to being a Hufflepuff, although it was a little more like dull shock in my case and me wondering how the fuck I got that. Pottermore, I'm too lazy for that house! XD

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